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Tiny Town Oils is a group of women that are in different stages of life – busy working moms, college students, young women standing on the threshold of love and marriage! All of which have dreams and visions for their futures and for their families! We link arms as family, as friends, as a sisterhood, looking to live our best lives, to love well, to provide for our families, to serve God and others with our whole hearts, and to live a full and healthy life!

Where does the name “Tiny Town” come from? Well she is our love and inspiration…the gift God gave that has changed our lives for the better every day since she arrived – our Kiersten Ann. Just as she has impacted our lives for the better, so have these oils and we want to share that with the world.
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Join us on this oily journey to health and wellness!!

A message from Anita

Adventuring into our Young Living Lifestyle…

We started using Young Living Essential Oils in our home in the Summer of 2016. Life has radically changed for us since then! We made a move to South Florida, my son got married, my daughter graduated from college and my youngest daughter graduated from high school! Some pretty major life events – so allow me to catch you up!

I was never really into the whole organic and “clean living” lifestyle. I supported those around me that were, but I definitely loved my cleaning products & store remedies. As a busy mom that worked insanely long, full time hours, I did what I knew to do and I had no idea that there was an easier, healthier way!

Bleach and glass cleaner – two of my favorite go to’s – I sprayed them on everything, in every room of the house and I went through them like water. I used over the counter remedies, quick fixes from the local pharmacy, Walmart or Target. It was what I knew to do. I thought I was too busy to add anything knew, too busy to learn a whole new way of living – I was busy like every other working Mom…work, missions, school, baseball, dance, errands, extended family, doctors appointments, the list goes on and on!
Livin’ the Mom Life…

As a mother I was always on top of my kid’s doctors appointments and they were at the pediatrician like clockwork, every year for their well visits, flue shots and in between for whatever ailed them. Now don’t worry, we haven’t stopped seeing our doctors for regular check-ups. Their knowledge and input will always be welcome in our lives! However, I am happy to say that we have dropped the annual flu shots! There is no need to be filling our bodies full of that stuff! Our immune systems are supported with Young Living oils and supplements and so far I can testify that they are doing a great job!

When our youngest daughter arrived, she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and required open heart surgery at 9 weeks of age. Following the initial surgery were 8 years with 8 additional surgeries. My new pastime became doctor’s waiting rooms and hospitals.

I knew the value of staying well and I did everything I knew to do which, unfortunately at the time, was pumping my family full of over the counter drugs, supplements and as I have since learned, sooooo many chemicals, and just plain old bad stuff.
 The thing is, I thought I was doing the best thing for my family. I would never intentionally harm them. I genuinely thought I was doing the best possible things. I am sure that many of you can relate.
Out with the Old, In with the New…

Two of my other favorites were household plug-ins and scented candles. No matter the season, I had a scented candle for that! We lived in a very old home (built in the 1930’s) and there were always old smells I wanted to cover up, plus mold that I would try to kill with bleach. I have since learned that I was not only masking the problem, but in fact, I was adding to the problem. I was filling my home with even more chemicals that we were breathing in every day! I lived with headaches, and now I know why. The scents in candles and plug-ins include formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, limonene, mercury, alcohol and esters. These harmful chemicals can cause health problems ranging from headaches, dizziness and allergy symptoms to asthma attacks, respiratory tract infections and even cancer.
I learned about Young Living essential oils, not because I was necessarily looking for a healthier option….I mean, I was busy…and as far as I knew, I had that covered. My sister learned about the benefits of Young Living and she wanted the rest of us to live happier and healthier lives too! She would never steer me wrong and I could already see the benefits of the oils in her life and within her family! What else could I say, but YES to health and wellness!!

Our Young Living journey began, and now I’m not the only one hooked on the benefits – my whole family is LOVING Young Living – their oils, supplements and their chemical free line of amazing Thieves cleaning products. I love hearing my kids ask me for oils! They already know which oils they need for whatever ailment they have. My husband and I love the oils for fatigued muscles and joints (yes, time marches on), my son has reaped the benefits of the seasonal wellness blend (literally may have saved his life), my daughter, reaps the benefits of oils for working out, vertigo, and digestive support, and my youngest daughter never leaves home without the immunity blend! And that’s only the beginning of ALL of the benefits that we are enjoying! We each have our own little stash that goes with us wherever we go!

Remember how I said that I loved scented candles and plug-ins? Well, Young Living essential oils gets even better!!! I use my diffusers all the time! In the bedrooms, in the kitchen, in the living spaces, and of course, in the bathrooms.
My home is full of the most amazing scents and every one of them is cleaning the air, good for our bodies, and boosting our immune systems! Our seasonal sick doctor visits have decreased significantly. We are saving money on copayments and over the counter meds, and the money we are investing is going to our health and wellness. So worth it! It’s safe to say – we are hooked! I only wish I had known about these oils sooner!
Young Living for Life…

To be honest, I have never felt this way about a product before and I would never suggest to my family or friends to use Young Living essential oils if I didn’t 100% believe in the benefits that they provide! It’s actually so easy and all of the resources for education are at your fingertips!

It’s IMPORTANT TO NOTE – Not all essential oils are created equal! I have read the labels and learned quite a bit on this journey. Most essential oils you buy in the stores or online may claim to be 100% pure oil, and they are permitted to make that claim, even if they only have as little as 5% pure essential oil inside, since the FDA does not regulate the essential oils business. Young Living essential oils are harsh chemical free, non-toxic, organic, steam distilled or cold pressed from pure plants. There’s nothing in them, but 100% pure oil! Young Living does it all – from planting the seeds, to harvesting, to distilling, to sealing the bottles and sending them out! That is Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” promise! The more I learn about the integrity of Young Living and I see the benefits of the essential oils, the more I love this company! I would not recommend Young Living to you if I didn’t fully believe in the value and worth of every drop! We enjoy the benefits EVERY DAY! I literally never leave home without them!

So our desire to share became our little business and Tiny Town Oils was born! Who is Tiny Town you ask? Well, that was Kiersten’s nickname and the “Tiny” part has stuck around! We love her, we love oils, and we love this new found journey to living well and enjoying good health!

I would love to help you start your family’s journey to health and wellness! Seriously, let’s do this journey together! It’s so worth it…for your health and your wallet! Let’s ALL live our best life!

Anita Setran
Member #10015279
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